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Washington has an extraordinary venue for dragon boat races. The Pamlico River is adjacent to downtown and has relatively protected waters. With 32 teams in the 2016 dragon boat event, there will be 650 participants plus friends, family and others in town for Smoke on the Water. This event will draw a great crowd who will hang around to enjoy the excitement of the races, and the overall festival atmosphere.

All sponsors and supporters will have a chance to provide items for inclusion in the race bags provided to all racers.

Title Sponsor – $10,000

The Title Sponsor will be most prominently featured in all advertising and promotional materials including our web site.  Sponsor logo will be on event website with a link to the sponsor’s website for 1 full year.  Title sponsor will also receive all benefits described in levels below. May enter or sponsor two teams in the competition.

Village Sponsors – $7,500

There will be a team village where each dragon boat team will have a tent in Festival Park on the Washington Waterfront. The Village sponsor will be recognized throughout the Team Village with 3 large banners and throughout the venue with prominent logos on banner signage, as well as being featured in advertising and other promotional materials.  The sponsor will be featured on travelling signage during the event.  Village Sponsors will also receive all benefits described in the levels below.  May enter or sponsor two teams in the competition.

Parade Sponsors – $5,000

Friday evening will be busy with Music in the Streets, a monthly affair in Downtown Washington sponsored by our friends at the Washington Harbor District Alliance. A traditional Dragon Boat Team Parade will add to the event with participants in team colors. Parade Sponsors will be specially recognized Friday night, and their logos will be displayed prominently on all materials. Parade Sponsors will also receive all benefits described in the levels below.  May also enter a team in the competition.

Business/Corporate Team Sponsors – $2,500

Businesses have the opportunity to create a team of their employees, customers or suppliers in the dragon boat race.  The sponsor’s logo will be included in all promotional materials. Companies can provide 21 people with a great team building experience, gain  promotional benefits, and help a good cause. Sponsors at this level will receive all benefits described in the levels below.

Military/Community Team Supporters – $1,250

North Carolina is the proud home to many men and women in uniform. Many servicemen and women from local military bases want to compete. Here is a chance to support our troops as well as support a good local cause. The same level of sponsorship will also support a club or school team. Military/Community Team Sponsors will be listed on t-shirts and in day of the event materials including banners.

Dragon Boat Booster – Up to $1,250

Contributions from local individuals and small businesses help support this event in Washington. Booster names will be listed on t-shirts and day of event materials.


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