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Become A Dragon Boat Races Event Sponsor!

Sound Rivers is coordinating the 3rd Annual Washington NC Dragon Boat Races as part of the annual Smoke on the Water Festival. We need you to be an event sponsor. Last year’s demonstration race attracted an estimated 1,500 spectators to the Washington waterfront last year.  The event benefits Sound Rivers, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that seeks to monitor, protect and enhance the Tar-Pamlico and Neuse Rivers and watersheds.

There Are Many Levels of SponsorshipDragon Boat, Event Sponsor, promotion

• Title Sponsor
• Village Sponsor
• Parade Sponsor
• Dragon Boat Race Team Sponsor
• Military Outreach/Community Team      Supporters
• Dragon Boat Booster

Details About Sponsorship Opportunities

As an event sponsor, you will:

Provide Support for Clean Water

As an event sponsor your fees + team entry fees support Sound Rivers. Sound Rivers depends on member dues, individual and business contributions, grants and fundraisers to support the work of three RIVERKEEPERS® on the Tar-Pamlico and Neuse Rivers.

Encourage Tourism in Washington, NC

Let NC Tourists be exposed to your companies brand while encouraging travel to participate and watch the race. Tourism is critical to eastern North Carolina and the Tar-Pamlico River is a major attraction. As an event sponsor your  company will be seen by all attendants to the race. This is a huge crowd!

Provide Publicity and Market Exposure To Your Company

More than 2,000 participants and spectators attend this event. Promotion includes regional media coverage will feature sponsors for this fun and photogenic event. TV, print, and social media coverage is promised. Teams are expected from throughout the tri-state area.

Create a Favorable Association For Your Company During a Popular Recreational Event

This Washington Dragon Boat Festival, in conjunction with the “Smoke on the Water” Barbecue competition, is fun for families. Dragon Boat racing popularity is growing exponentially. It is great fun for anyone, young or old. Participants at any level of fitness can quickly adapt and develop a passion for this sport. As an event sponsor your company will be in front of over 600 racers alone.

Teamwork Experience for Your Employees and Other Business Partners

Sponsoring a dragon boat team for your employees, customers and/or suppliers can be an excellent way to promote team building and cooperation. Working together as a coordinated group will prove fun whether the team finishes first, last or somewhere in between!

Did You Know:

Dragon boat competitors come in all shapes and sizes.

Most teams come from the surrounding region.

Last year local businesses, wellness centers and neighborhoods created teams.

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